• Bacteria as seen under a microscope
  • Sun shining across a beach
  • Lowland Scottish Agricultural Scene
  • Drome image showing experiment plots
  • Test Tubes
  • Luminescent Vial
  • Copping Edge
  • Agricultural Landscpe
  • River Tay
  • Petri Dishes
  • Sprouting Roots
  • Potato Field
  • Tay Bridge at Night
  • Test Tubes in a rack
For the greater good
Help build our foundation by giving today.


While the Foundation is still taking shape, the fundraising effort will be relatively passive, extending only to spontaneous individual or business donations, and from groups whose visits are hosted by the James Hutton Institute.


As part of his 300th anniversary in 2026 there will be celebratory activities building in the years ahead also around James Hutton, his contribution and legacy. These will be aimed at raising the profile of the man and his work. A project group encompassing like-minded friends and admirers of Hutton's work has been set up to identify how best to achieve this and to share out the associated tasks. For example it is hoped to commission a free-standing statue of Hutton (since none exists at present); sponsor new scholarly works and to host a conference about his scientific influence. We also hope to create further informed guides and tours around geological and other sites of interest in Scotland associated with James Hutton to complement and add to the existing James Hutton Trail.

Living Field

James Hutton did much to improve agriculture and developed new ideas on crop selection and soil management. The Living Field Garden is a demonstration garden featuring historic and current crop plants and their uses and has accompanying classrooms at the James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie, Scotland. It is run by volunteers with some input from Institute staff and provides outreach, education and shared experience to promote sustainable production of food and other products from the land. Donations will be used to fund purchases of materials such as plants and seed, garden necessities such as tools, and teaching resources.


A general donation will be used to increase the overall fund, helping build it towards the £10million target for 2026. This is the amount needed to enable it to provide sustainable research funding, scholarships and similar disbursements on an ongoing annual basis.

Until the Foundation receives confirmation of its application for Charitable status, payments are being routed via the James Hutton Institute and remitted from there to the Foundation. Once its registration as a Charity is complete, the Foundation will be able to benefit from Gift Aid on donations from UK taxpayers and the donation interface will be updated to allow for this. In the interim, you can contribute to the early work of the Foundation via PayPal using the button on this page.

Thank you for your understanding during this interim period. Your donation is much appreciated.

The James Hutton Foundation Project Team

If you would like to contribute in kind, please get in touch via our Contact Us page and we will be happy to discuss options with you.