• Bacteria as seen under a microscope
  • Sun shining across a beach
  • Lowland Scottish Agricultural Scene
  • Drome image showing experiment plots
  • Test Tubes
  • Luminescent Vial
  • Copping Edge
  • Agricultural Landscpe
  • River Tay
  • Petri Dishes
  • Sprouting Roots
  • Potato Field
  • Tay Bridge at Night
  • Test Tubes in a rack
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James Hutton Institute

The James Hutton Institute brought together the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute and the Scottish Crop Research Institute, both of which had illustrious histories. It is now a respected, globally recognised research organisation that delivers fundamental and applied science to drive the sustainable use of land and natural resources.
The Institute deliver independent, world-class scientific research tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges relating to food and environmental security and sustainable development. The context is significant global changes in population, increased demand for natural resources, a changing climate, and economic and geopolitical developments.
There are three fundamental Scientific Challenges that underpin all of the Institute’s work and are relevant to domestic and international agendas as follows:

  1. Develop new crops and production methods that help deliver food security while better protecting the environment
  2. Protect and enhance the resilience of ecosystems for multiple benefits
  3. Deliver technical and social innovations that support sustainable and resilient communities.